Angel Spell For Money

I have discussed about various money spells previously, written about them at great length and details. Most of my spells are directed towards God namely white magic and witchcraft spells.

Very seldom do I write spells that are directed towards the angels. Reason will be discussed later.

This spell is an ultimate money spell and nothing short of a plea directed towards the money angel Nawaskaq. You may call this spell an invocation. The person for whom I will cast this spell will come under direct guardianship and supervision of the money angel Nawaskaq. Once I cast this sell for you, there will not be a single day without you achieving wealth in one way or the other.

This spell is so powerful that the angel can turn the entire world on its head and bring the entire world towards you at your mercy.

The angel will take you the realms and heights of unimaginable wealth whereby you will find it hard and struggle to store this much wealth at your home or in the safety vault etc.

The spell works forever once I cast it furthermore every week on a Thursday you simply have to make a small donation to a poor or needy, any small amount will do. The donation is a key ingredient in this spell.

After reading the above, you will surely wonder and some even ask me a single specific question saying that how will I attain money and will it be in a legal way or simply one morning I get up and my room will be full of money?

I will want to mention clearly that there is nothing to worry once I cast this spell because it will provide you wealth through legal direct or indirect means. You will of course get money through success, business and job oriented opportunities but at the same time you will make money from places, circumstances and opportunities that you can possibly never imagine or never think.

The Angel will open the treasures of the unseen for you.
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