I offer various kinds of services based on astrology

Horoscope Readings (Foretelling the future)
Imagine If I tell you the future. In short I give you an opportunity to change your future and shape it according to your wishes and desires.

After I make a horoscope reading for you, I will also provide you with a solution and the required gemstone which will work on your stars and inturn shape your future as desired.
The cost of the horoscope report will be US $75

Gemstones play an integral part when it comes to our future, stars etc. They emit vibrations and work on your stars.

The Gemstones are infused by me. Gemstones that I offer are.

Gemstone For Love
The cost will be US $50

Gemstone For Money
The cost will be US $50

For Success
The cost will be US $50

Good Health Gem
The cost will be US $50

For Good Luck And Prosperity
The cost will be US $50
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