Black Magic Revenge Spell

Feeling of revenge and hatred are expressions of anger and fire within.

As the name suggests, this spell is a strictly black magic spell aimed to destroy your enemy in every possible manner.

I cast this spell on the basis of black magic keeping sole intention of the person requesting this revenge spell in mind. My point is no person will request me to cast this spell mildly or in a milder way. Most people who seek revenge from some person or enemy will want me to cast the most effective revenge spell possible and for this single reason and sake I cast the revenge spell on the basis of black magic and hex alone.

Black magic works best to take revenge and leaves your enemy in a very pitiful sorry state.

I am often asked how will revenge occur and take place. People ask way too many questions regarding this spell out of excitement, eagerness and curiosity, reason being that people cannot wait to see their enemies falling apart as nine pins. I will want to make it clear that the revenge will not occur physically but will happen progressively on day to day basis.

It's important to be wise and act smartly before deciding to take revenge from enemy by the use of this spell. It is a humble request to all my readers, be sure if you truly want this spell to be cast as it will ruin your enemy forever whereby recovery for the enemy will be out of question.

A special note to all the wise people in general is to learn and master the art of forgiving and moving on, however if you go against this theory and seek ultimate revenge from enemy then this spell is your best bet.
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