Mend A Broken Heart Love Spell

I cast this spell mostly for the younger generation because youngsters often part ways foolishly due to ego or hot headedness, the seriousness of parting ways is temporary and many a times happens due to misunderstandings caused and created by friends or family.
In such testing times I urge a couple to get into counseling sessions by visiting a professional counselor or with parents etc, however if this is not what you are looking for and want a permanent solution then I shall cast the mend a broken heart spell.

This spell is cast by me especially if the lovers have separated or parted ways due to direct or indirect reasons. I also cast this spell if your partner is angry with you or has given up on you or simply is hurt due to your actions and behaviors.

Whatever may be the cause or reason; my spell will reunite broken hearts.
Expect absolutely no quarrels, zero misunderstandings or any kinds of fights once I cast the mend a broken heart spell.
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