Penile Erection Spell

Me being a male knows it very well and understands the importance of a strong hard erection. A good sustainable hard erection is nothing short of a prized possession to have. Simply put, it provides ultimate satisfaction to a man and his woman.

I am sure there is no debate whatsoever with regards to what I have said above, which leads me to further emphasize on the importance of good solid erections.

Let's talk about the benefits point by point.

Good erections are of utmost importance to a couple in satisfying the desires and fantasies of each other.

Key to a happy and a healthy relationship.

Provides satisfaction to a couple which leads to a happy married life or a committal relationship.

I have spoken in length about the benefits of having good sustainable erections, now let's read some drawbacks.

Weak erections and premature ejaculations will destruct an active sex life of a couple.

Issues of distrust and cheating are reported.

Increased number of breakups and divorces.

Its time now to mention the causes of weak erections and premature ejaculations.
In my experience there are many indirect causes that lead to erectile dysfunction, weak erections and premature ejaculations namely unhealthy eating habits, smoking, lack of sleep etc but the main significant reason I have found to be are hormonal imbalances which occur mainly due to old age. Testosterone is a male dominant hormone responsible mainly for erections reduces greatly with age. The decline in the production of this hormone will lead to weak erections, premature ejaculations and in some cases erectile dysfunction.

Human body requires only 0.5 mg of testosterone daily to maintain and carry out its vital functions. We will discuss science and testosterone some other day.

Coming back to the spell, this spell will elevate the production of testosterone way above the natural levels of production which will cure penile dysfunction, give you hard strong erections that will be sustained for longer lengths and weak ejaculations will no longer worry or bother you. This spell also increases muscularity in males.
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