Seek Forgiveness Spell

The header for this spell maybe unheard of and rightly so because I have created this spell after giving it a serious consideration and thought. This spell is very important for each one of us. Let's face it; none of us is a saint. We in our lives make several mistakes daily in one way or the other often leaving us in a state of sadness and full of sorrow.

Mistakes are made daily due to reasonable and unreasonable occurrences or purely in the heat of the moment whereby you bad mouth a person or abuse people at random for reasons that don't make sense. Rage issues also need a mention here that can put you into precarious situations that ultimately lead you towards sadness and agony.

Furthermore people indulge in illegal activities, hideous crimes that are dangerous and sinful acts that leave you with lifelong regrets.

The realization of paying for your sins which is a self realization that evolves within each one of us someday or the other makes us seek forgiveness in whichever way possible. It is true that we shall pay for our sins and wrong doings in this world and the hereafter leads us towards seeking forgiveness.

The spell that I cast is intended to wash and wipe away your present and past sins to make you a pure soul clear of impurities.

Let me make one thing clear that once I cast this spell does not mean that you get a license to make mistakes in the future etc. You must be mindful of the fact once I cast this spell that you don't make mistakes in the future which will again bring forth feelings of sadness and sorrow leading you towards seeking further forgiveness and repentance.
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