Gay Spell

Same sex marriages and affairs are not highly regarded in our society. Communities and legal legislations are also not in favor of same sex marriages, relationships or affairs. Some even call it taboo.

I would not like to get into the nitty gritty of the above mentioned material because I strongly feel that every person is entitled to his/her opinion. Ultimately what matters to you is what you feel is right and what you firmly believe in. If you feel that it is absolutely ok in falling for the partner of the same gender and homosexuality is a normal occurrence then this article will interest you further.

The spell that I cast works both ways.

Firstly the spell will attract the person you desire irrespective of him being straight or gay. He will get pulled towards you due to feelings of love, compassion, faith and lust. He will desire a commitment or a long lasting affair with you.

Secondly the spell will make the person you desire marry you no matter what. He will want to marry you come what may by breaking all the past and present ties with others and also irrespective of him being straight etc. The person in question will crave for you and will want to marry you at any cost.

This is a black magic gay spell, think twice before requesting this spell because it will make the person you desire fall for you and desire you immensely. My advice would be to request this spell only if you are serious in the above because there is no point in playing with love and emotions of the person in question for the sake of temporary pleasure or satisfaction.
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