Genie Wish Spell

Before I begin, it's important to mention clearly that this spell is different to the genie invocation.

The genie invocation enables a person to command a genie whereby the genie will be visible to the invoker physically. If you are keen on knowing more about the invocation then look for it on the other pages of my website.

Coming back to this spell, it will enable you to be recognized by a particular genie who will grant your wishes. The spell is completely safe as all my work is.

I am sure after reading the above your mind is flooded with all kinds of question which all begin with one word "HOW"

The answer lies within the genie wish spell itself. This spell is cast by me for you which includes several offerings to be made towards the unseen forces or the forces of the invisible world which runs parallel to our visible world leading to a genie being assigned to grant your wishes.

This spell works forever and by the way the genie is not only assigned to grant three wishes but unlimited wishes forever.

Of course other than the genies there are a few more handful unseen forces available namely spirits, demons and ghosts that can be used to our advantage but in my experience I have found out the use of genies to be the most beneficial of all.

I urge my readers to keep your wishes within the limits, boundaries of legitimacy and never use this spell to harm or hurt others. Use this spell for yourself rather than against others.
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