Magic Spells

Spell casting is a mix of prayers, rituals and ceremonies. Is also a mix of traditional cultures and belief systems.

Spells are termed differently in different parts of the world, some call them magic spells, some call them mantras and some even call them jantars etc. Spells have got endless names globally but the universally accepted term is magic spells. So let's stick to it for the latter half.

Spells are widely popular and preferred because they are hassle free and the best part is that a professional spell caster does all the hard work in a successful casting and you simply don't have to do anything whatsoever.

In my experience, spells are of 4 kinds. I have classified them into 4 groups.
Black magic, white magic, voodoo and witchcraft spells.

They are truly amazing and generate astounding results.

Black Magic Spells/Dark Magic
Black magic is the preferred source of magic especially when it comes to spell casting by people globally and the reason being that black magic provides results in quick time.
This practice involves a lot of offerings, rituals and ceremonies to be made to deities. There are thousands and thousands of deities and therefore it is so very important to know which deity serves which purpose or purposes. I would want to mention here that some people try to create utter confusion and dismay by differentiating between black magic and dark magic as two different forms of magic. Let's keep things simple and to cut the confusion out, let me make it absolutely clear that both are one and the same forms of magic and are sub-groupings of dark arts.

White Magic Spells/Holy Magic
None can underestimate the benefits, usage and importance of white magic. White magic is so powerful that it can actually generate milk from a mountain or move mountains. This example fits and suits best the supremacy of white magic.
This form mostly involves repetitive recitation of holy prayers and chants from the holy books of different cultures and traditions globally.
White magic spells in generally can be cast by all, reason being they are simple, basic and yet tremendously effective to the core.

Voodoo Magic Spells/African Magic
Very supreme form of African magic. This practice is used to serve several materialistic purposes namely love, money and fortune etc but mostly to curse, harm, hurt, destruct, avenge and or to take revenge from enemies.
Voodoo spells are as powerful, if not more powerful than the most famously used voodoo dolls. Works to great effect in causing harm and hardships to enemies and works at a rockets pace against enemies. Be mindful of the fact before using voodoo as it will destroy your enemies forever.

Witchcraft Spells
Witchcraft originated way back in time and became very famous due to witches portrayed in pictures and books. I don't know much about the witches flying on brooms etc but I can enlighten you on the basics and inner workings of witchcraft and witchcraft spells. This practice involves the use of spells, magical rituals, herbs and potions.

There are various other types of spells available but primarily the above works best and to be precise I only believe in working with the best and the most effective materials.

Each spell is cast differently and there is no fixed pattern or theory mentioned for casting spells. A spell caster often with experience knows how to cast which spell for best results. This is one reason I urge people to only contact professionals and not to try spell casting themselves because after all disappointment is not a good thing.

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