Rainfall Spell

The importance of rain is known to everyone and the equilibrium of earth is maintained and totally dependent on a good rainy season each year.

A good monsoon is a boon to us in many ways namely keeps the temperature of earth maintained, excellent growth of crops resulting in a very good harvesting season, enormous irrigation benefits and supplies, fresh water levels rise due to rains which is used by humans and animals for drinking and other purposes, keeps the earth green and healthy which further reduces levels of dangerous gases in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbon and pollution greatly.

Above are the benefits and now let's talk about the drawbacks of less or no rain.

Inadequate rain spells doom for the environment and all living beings. Prolonged dry periods and droughts cause havoc and destruction in our ecosystem. The agricultural system takes a major hit due to lack or insufficient growth of good quality crops, destruction of vegetation occurs due to poor monsoons, temperature of the earth rises to dangerous levels, increased risk of sicknesses and malnutrition.

Coming back to this spell, it is requested by people who mainly are in the business of agriculture and vegetation. I also call this spell a farmer spell as farmers frequently ask for this spell.

Once I cast this spell, there will never be dry periods or droughts in your area, at the same time there will never be a severe downpour of rain resulting into floods which cause major destruction. The spell will maintain a fine balance of showers which are extremely beneficial for crops and the environment.
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