Spell Casting

I will elaborate on this topic but first let me clarify certain forms of spell casting.

In my experience there are 2 types of spell casting.
One is where spells are mere power prayers. Power prayers work and create wonders when repeated with tremendous faith, confidence and concentration. Power prayers generate the desired output to your plea or request by working at the subconscious level and this form is extremely popular amongst the population who seek free spells in particular because this form does not involve rituals or ceremonies etc but only repetitive recitation of spells/prayers. Let's talk about it further.
Your concentration holds the key if you want to be a successful spell caster or want your spells to succeed. Without 100% concentration, the chance of you succeeding with spells is next to 0.
Read the above two lines and you have got the answer to your past failures with free spells. Here is the secret which will make you successful with spells and no top spell caster will let you know this secret or shall I say the secret to success with spell casting. Here is the give away from me.
This is the secret practice or exercise which enables you to develop and maintain 100% concentration. Once the state of elevated concentration is acquired, you will be succeeding always with the free spells.

Here is the concentration exercise.

Practice it each evening for 5-7 minutes for at least a month.
Draw a black colored thick spot on a white paper or cardboard and stick it on a wall parallel to your eye level. Start observing the spot daily for 3-4 minutes and then close your eyes and imagine the same spot while your eyes are closed for another 3-4 minutes, not only imagine the spot but also try to feel the size, color, shape, beauty and density of the spot you have drawn. As time passes you will just observe the spot for few seconds and will be able to imagine the spot with closed eyes, when this condition is reached you will be ready to cast spells successfully with 100% concentration and accuracy.
So my dear readers, what we have learnt from the above is that basic casting of free spells is equal to power prayers and to cast free spells successfully you need 100% concentration, faith and belief. I taught you about concentration very well and talked about its importance in this article but cannot make you practice faith and belief but it simply comes from within with determination to succeed and excel.

The second form of spell casting is extremely advanced and complex, should be left only for the experienced topmost spell casters. Advanced spell casting involves prayers, offerings, rituals and ceremonies to be directed towards deities. Of course advanced spell casting will produce astounding results with gravity.
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