Success Spells

Success has different definitions to each and every individual. My point in writing this article is quiet simply to make readers realize that money and success go hand in hand and vice versa. In short there is no success without money and there is no money without success. I do hope you see the correlation. Let's move on this topic further.
Success spells are cast by me for various different purposes. I will again mention below the use of black magic and white magic for success related issues.

I cast white magic success spells for job related issues, money, prosperity and good luck. These are basic needs for which I will cast white success spells as white spells are more than sufficient and extremely potent in fulfilling these purposes.

For complex needs and purposes I use black magic. Black success spells for promotions, command boss, harmony with colleagues, promotions, regain money and debt removal. Black magic success spells are used for these purposes because I need to manipulate the free will of a being and this can only be done by the use of black magic. In rare circumstances I may even use voodoo depending on the condition.Make no mistake, my success spells have the capacity and truly capable of moving mountains.
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