Voodoo Dolls

Voodoo spells and voodoo dolls both originated in Africa and are termed as very strong forms of magic. It involves the usage of dolls and pins etc which interest a lot of magic enthusiasts.

Voodoo Doll For Love And Marriage
This doll acts as a binding force and will bind you and your lover forever. There will be blind faith in your relationship and both of you will support each other no matter what. In short this doll is your gateway for a healthy, successful marriage life.
The cost will be US $75

Doll For Money
This doll will make sure that you receive money almost instantly. This Doll will put you into situations which will lead you to money. You will notice that you will start doing amazingly well in business and jobs. You will gain more than what you bargained for.
The cost will be US $75

Protection Doll
This doll is always requested by my clients. This Doll will make sure that you are safe from all kinds of mishaps and natural hazards. If you are traveling etc then you don't need to be worried as this voodoo doll will take care of you. Also this doll will keep you away from natural calamities.
The cost will be US $75

Voodoo Doll For Success
For some success is all about reaching their desired goals and objectives and for some it is all about the money. This doll takes care of both. This soll will take care of your finances and will make sure that you reach your desired goals and objectives.
The cost will be US $75

Destruction And Curse
Voodoo Magic has made a name for it through this Doll. Yes this is the very famous doll which is pierced with needles etc. This doll will bring a might of sufferings and miseries to your enemy. He will not be able to recover from the sufferings through out his life.
The cost will be US $75
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